Q&A with Christina-Μaria Kravvari

Fashion editors are the bridges between young brands and industry. Marie Claire Greece fashion editor Christina-Maria Kravvari will share some recommendations on how to catch an editors attention.

When did you start to work in fashion?
Right after I completed my master in Fashion Management I started working at Fashion Workshop, the leading fashion school in Greece, as Communication Manager and Chief Editor of into-the-fashion.com, faculty's blogzine. The fact that I had so many responsibilities, helped me to push my boundaries and be more resilient. Combined with my Medicine studies I feel the confidence to deal with any situation.

How you made it to Marie Claire?
It was the founder of Fashion Workshop, Mrs. Vicky Kaya, who proposed me to the Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire Greece because she strongly believed that fashion magazines are going to be my bright future. I'm forever grateful to her for supporting me that way. So, almost two years now I'm Fashion Editor & Writer at Marie Claire Greece and I maintain the communication between the magazine and the Fashion Houses abroad. Furthermore, a few days ago I named also Global Fashion Executive at The Code magazine, the first bilingual online magazine.

As a hard-working person I understand the difficulties and challenges you have to face in order to remain focused on your personal and professional goals, and it's very important to support each other.

Describe your usual day at MC office? 
Normally, I go to the office early, and right after I check my emails, I start writing and editing my articles or interviews and search for my next fashion features. A short walk around noon is mandatory to clear my mind before I head up to my meeting appointments. 

You have been surprisingly supportive to Sprezzatura, we think its vital to young projects to meet people like you.
I love to meet and embrace hardworking persons with strong creative vision. As a hard-working person myself I understand the difficulties and challenges you have to face in order to remain focused on your personal and professional goals, and it's very important to support each other. 

Who is your favorite newcomer these days?
One of the brands that caught my full attention is Solace London. The graphics dynamic pieces of the British brand balance - in an eclectic way- between bold futurism and refined minimalism. So unique, so outstanding! 

Tell us about Greece, what is new in fashion? We all know Ancient Greek sandals, what else would you mention?
In terms of creativity, the country and its history remain the core of inspiration for both Greek and international brands. Ancient Greek Sandals is a genuine example of successful story based on the designers' love for Ancient Greece and history combined with traditional techniques. My other favorite greek brands are: Zeus & Dione for high-quality silk embroidered yet classical pieces, Evi Grintela the Shirtdress gave a modern twist to the timeless well-cut shirts and Kooreloo handcrafted bags are rare art objects, a unique blend of Mediterranean colors and European chic.

Paris or London?
Paris always and forever! For history & culture, romance and Rive Gauche.

You often travel to Paris, what places do you recommend to go?
I visit Paris 3 to 4 times a year, mainly during fashion week. Once I am there I never forget to visit:
Musée Picasso for inspiration (5 Rue de Thorigny, 75003 Paris)
Le Coupe Chou for dinner (11 Rue de Lanneau, 75005 Paris)
Café Marly for the view and a coffee (93 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris)

Your guilty pleasure?
Checking the latest lust-items on online stores while eating my favorite Ben&Jerry's cookie dough ice cream.

You fav TV show? 
Twin Peaks for the cult sensation and the genius sarcastic vibe and Stranger Things for sartorial lessons and supernatural forces. 

Feta or greek yogurt?
Greek yogurt with honey and nuts.

Croissant or pain au chocolate? 
Croissant, especially those from Café de Flore🥐 

Tell us how young brand can catch your attention to be featured by you? Any tips to write a perfect email or send a memo or something else?
It's all about the story behind the brand and how the designer manages to translate his/her vision into creations that reflect on their aesthetic. For me, a successful brand requires character, quality & a bit of whimsical sense of humor. Fashion should be fun! 
A good lookbook is fundamental.